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At Techsnap we are gridning up new content, features and careerpaths to make your coding journey smooth.We bridge the gap between you dream career and connect you to those who have done it before.

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Basic Courses







Give Back to Your Community

To help individuals and organizations succeed in the fast-changing digital world, Techsnap provides a range of cutting-edge learning experiences, including certificate courses, bootcamps, digital leadership panels, guest lectures, mentorship and cutting-edge content.

Push Your Limits

Develop your leadership and communication skills working with like-minded professionals around the world.

Make a Difference

Share your experience and knowledge to make a lasting impact on professionals in your community.

Network With the Best

Connect with a vibrant community of industry experts and digital leaders from the top brands in the world.

Teach At Techsnap

Become A Part-Time Instructor

As a part-time Instructor, you will lead students through multi-week, project-based courses on evenings or weekends. You will also contribute to the development of course curricula, ensuring our students are always learning the very latest digital skills, techniques, and tools.

Become An Educator

As an Educator, you will lead students through immersive bootcamps in web development, data science, user experience design, or digital marketing. You will also use your experience and expertise to guide the development of Techsnap's curricula, directly contributing to the education of emerging tech talent.

Contribute as an Expert

Become A Panelist

Every month, Techsnap hosts Digital Leadership panel discussions across a range of topics in data, design, marketing, product, and more – both online and in our campuses around the world.

Become A Guest Lecturer

Speak to students in an intimate class environment – in-person or virtually – on a subject you're passionate about. As a guest lecturer, you can dig deep into a specific area of your profession, providing students with an inside look at the day-to-day work experience in the field.

Become A Mentor

Support our students and graduates as they transform their skill sets and transition into new digital careers. Techsnap mentors provide guidance and insight into their respective industries and can help graduates prepare for the job search

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